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extended business partner

Are you ready to start or expand your business? BBL Extron is here as your extended business partner. We are much more than your logistic service provider. Whether you’re looking for testing, repairing or refurbishing your products, or want to ship your products across the globe: we are here to help. We solve your complex challenges and demands. BBL Extron is your gateway to the world. Get to know more in our brochure.

BBL-logistics - Get to know your extended business partner

Value Added Services

All of our services are customized just for you. With our value-added services, we relieve your company of many daily operations. During this process, we ensure a high level of quality and flexibility. We are ready for all of your specific challenges. From labeling and product testing to assembly or refurbishment.

Transport solutions

Logistics is movement. Getting your products from A to everywhere. We are your partner in this transport whether you need products shipped to the other side of the world, in time-sensitive transportation, or have products that are difficult to move. We’ll give you the best transportation options and customized service for all your needs, on the road, in the air, or overseas. 

Warehouse management

With our warehouse management, we offer you well-equipped and highly-secured locations to safely store your products. But there’s more. We manage your products, from checking for damage to total inventory management. Are you looking for specific services within warehouse management? We are here for you. 

What can you find
in our brochure?

  • 3x the services of BBL Extron
    • Value added services
    • Transport solutions
    • Warehouse management
  • 4x the our guarantees for you
  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability
bbl-logistics - What can you find in our brochure

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