Value Added Services
for your specific challenges

BBL Extron’s value added services (VAS) relieve your company of many daily operations. From labeling to assembly, we ensure flexibility and quality, striving to make your supply chain more than complete.

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Level 3 repair service is the highest level of support and is responsible for solving the most advanced and challenging problems. Level 3 technicians repair everything from components to printed circuit boards.

Demo & Eval Solutions

Sometimes end-users want to test expensive products before buying them. After testing, we return the used device to factory settings and equip it with the latest software updates. After this, the product is ready for the next user.

Last mile manufacturing

We add generic parts or components to the partial products of our clients based on the needs of the local market that the products go to.


BBL Extron combines multiple parts for diverse clients to create a working total or end product.


Optimize your
supply chain

Inventing and producing a product costs a lot of time due to brainstorming, designing and manufacturing. After that, you only need to put it together, add value, and package it. No problem, right? With a shortage of (technical) personnel, these seemingly small actions can become significant challenges. Luckily, BBL Extron is here to help you with your value added services.

Adding even more
value to
your products

With value added services, we add even more value to your products. We can do almost everything, from software updates, repair management and electro-mechanical assembly to labeling and repacking. How are we able to pull this off? With people. We invest in our personnel’s training, education and coaching to ensure your products are in the safest and most capable hands possible.

Value added service provider (vas)
Value added service

Simple or complex value added services

BBL Extron offers different value added services, from simple to complex ones. You can think of software updates, repair management, electro-mechanical assembly, small tasks, and edits. It finishes the process of your product by making it complete, fancier, or easier to sell.

Our value added services can be compared to tightening the screw on a product. How do you want your products to be sent? Whether it is a fancy box or a protective packaging, we make it happen. Our job continues after labeling the products and sending them overseas, through the air or via the road. Do your products need a software update or need to be fixed? We’re here to take on these responsibilities. Your product will be up and running again, ready for use.

Advantages of BBL’s value added services

​​Working together with a partner with sufficient and well-trained employees means you no longer have to search for time, space and employees. You get a skilled quality control management staff who ensures the highest quality product to your customers. And if you’re not sure how to tackle a challenge, you have a partner who can support you. This doesn’t only help you now but also helps you move forward toward the future.

How our services
help our clients

Since 2011, BBL Extron has provided the logistics and warehousing in Europe for Steel Blue safety boots. In that time, we have found them to be very helpful and friendly, with a high level of accuracy in fulfilling orders and stock keeping. Steel Blue has a network of distributors in Benelux, UK and Scandinavia, all of which are supplied from the European warehouse at BBL Extron. Our Distributors expect the highest level of service from us, with BBL Extron we can meet these expectations.

Flavio de Haas

Managing director at Steelblue EMEA

Our master service partner, BBL Extron, helped us for over a decade to establish our logistics and service network. Their EFS/Business Central software has considerably helped us on the management of repairs, swap unit logistics, spare parts order-delivery, spare parts harvest from DOA units and warranty claims from service partners. Their know-how and efficient processes reduced our working capital for warranty support swap units, hence improving our ROI.

Jeroen van de Ven

Tivoli Audio Europe

We as Van Vliet Medical Products in Almere are very pleased to have found a solid logistics partner in BBL Extron. The fact that the DNA of both our companies is based on the same core values such as quality, sustainability and personal cooperation, we can now and in the coming years entrust our complete logistics services to the care of BBL Extron with confidence. BBL Extron also supports us with tailor-made digital solutions in which fast and efficient logistic action is reflected in all facets of our daily cooperation.

Theo Huigen

Managing Partner at Van Vliet Medical Products

The EV charging industry is accelerating and it's expected that charging infrastructure investment will be $190 billion by 2030. ChargePoint has a proven and capital-light business model that combines hardware and high-margin, recurring software subscriptions and services with extensive and strong customer relationships. We believe ChargePoint will continue to grow its strong market position. Switchback and our investors are excited to partner with the ChargePoint team to advance their vision.

Scott McNeill

CEO, CFO & Director of Switchback

We can now deliver our demo and sale products very quickly, efficiently and with full transparency to our end customers in European Region. The Demo Management solutions offered by BBL Extron have helped us to increase our sales, thus helping us increase our local customer base and international presence.

A leading Cloud Managed Network Equipment Manufacturer

The successful partnership with BBL Extron enabled us to achieve faster spare parts fulfilment (same/next business day) for our Medical Equipment warranty repairs. This improved our field support KPIs/ SLAs, customer satisfaction and our ROI. Their expertise in trade compliance and product registrations with regulators considerably reduced our new product’s time to market.

A leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

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