Here’s how BBL creates a greener future with Root Sustainability

As a logistics company, we are committed to incorporating sustainable practices into the core of our business. Root Sustainability is our proud partner who we actively work with to help us achieve these ambitious goals. In this blog, you’ll learn how Root Sustainability helps us track our total environmental impact, addresses our carbon footprint and embraces sustainable transport solutions with this environmental impact management platform.

Root Sustainability’s approach

Root Sustainability conducts a holistic analysis to investigate where our environmental impact lies. Through extensive internal research, we discovered which areas we can still improve to positively impact the environment.

One of these crucial areas is our material usage and packaging. Root Sustainability’s expertise allows us to explore alternative, more sustainable material choices that reduce our ecological footprint. Additionally, our value-added services contribute to a circular solution, making a positive impact that we proudly communicate to the outside world. By embracing sustainable material choices and circular practices, we enhance the sustainability of our entire supply chain.

Solutions to minimize waste and emissions

Sustainability is not an afterthought; it is ingrained in our DNA. That’s why Root Sustainability helps us identify optimization opportunities by looking closely at our operational processes and energy emissions. An example of this is our way to minimize waste and emissions while maintaining the high standards of service that our customers expect. This is done through more efficient loading techniques and innovative solutions. Root Sustainability also assists us in evaluating and selecting sustainable logistics partners, ensuring that every aspect of our supply chain aligns with our sustainability goals.

Additional ways to significantly reduce our carbon footprint is by letting employees travel with electric vehicles. Root Sustainability investigates what these benefits can be. But this can be a large leap to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Mapping the Carbon Footprint

Collaborating with Root Sustainability aims to map out our full carbon footprint, providing a comprehensive understanding of our environmental impact. This allows us to develop targeted strategies and initiatives to reduce emissions from 2024. Additionally, Root Sustainability enables us to easily comply with upcoming policies and regulations while empowering us to communicate our sustainability performance to the outside world transparently.

With Root Sustainability as our trusted partner, we are confident in our ability to positively impact the environment. We are charting a new course toward a greener, more sustainable logistics industry through comprehensive analysis, innovative solutions, and a commitment to transparency. Join us on this exciting journey as we create a brighter and more sustainable future together.

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