Sustainable transport  in the core of BBL Extron

Over the years, we’ve all seen the growing importance of sustainability in business philosophies. For BBL Extron, sustainability and sustainable transport are pillars we have built our business around. Not only do we want to deliver you high quality services today, but also tomorrow. That is why BBL Extron implemented several practices to contribute to an affluent and sustainable society. This way, we increase the quality of your experience and decrease the impact on our environment.

Green and sustainable transport

We select our transport partners based on their environmental consciousness. This helps our aim to contribute to a greener planet. We work with stakeholders towards conserving local environments and contributing to society, to not only give back to the planet, but also to the people. Our slogans reflect these values: “Logistics that are friendly to people and the environment” and “Promotion of environmental management”. Making this impact in the world of sustainable transport is our first step to long-term sustainability.

Sustainable transport  in the core of BBL-Extron

Waste and packaging in sustainable transport

The transport sector alone generates over 8,5 billion tons of waste. With every order and delivery, there is packaging and there is waste. To minimize our contribution to the waste in transport, we have taken action. We started with packaging and pay attention to the way we choose materials and pack goods. This not only contributes to a more efficient packaging process, but also decreases the amount of waste and environmental impact of our business. This is a continuous process for us. We are aware of our global impact and carry this responsibility. 

In the process to ensure sustainable transport, we give top priority to safety and quality. We actively urge employees to be mindful of safety and quality regularly. We promote quality improvement activities intending to prevent any injuries and industrial accidents.

Sustainable transport is the core of our business

Sustainability starts at the core. Just adding green initiatives to your business here and there isn’t enough. That is why sustainability is part of our business philosophy. An example of this is our Life Cycle Assessment. The LCA is a tool that gives us insight in our footprint, and based on the outcomes of the analyses we make a plan to decrease that footprint. With the tool we help stimulate our staff and clients to become more conscious of our planet and act on this consciousness. 

Our compliance system and risk management are an extension of our business philosophy. We strive to develop and strengthen our compliance system, working to ensure that compliance is upheld and to foster a “high corporate culture of ethics”. We are a company that wants to be trusted by our clients in sustainability, work ethic and safety. In our risk management, we assess and control a wide variety of potential risks in the face of uncertainty. Among these risks, we focus on climate change and environmental crises.  Not only that, but we also aim to continue to progress in forming a comprehensive risk management system. This is all to ensure sustainable transport for the future.

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