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When you take a look at the sky, you see airplanes. On your way to work or a party, you see trucks driving on the highway. On your beach day, you see big containerships defying the sea. Transport services are all around you. BBL Extron is an important player in these logistics and transport services. How do we make them work? Today we will give you a look into the secret garden of our transport services.

At BBL Extron we offer all kinds of transport services. No matter if you need it today, tomorrow, next week, or an hour ago. We ensure your products are on time and delivered safely, fast, and neatly to their next destination. We work according to your wishes and make sure they are fulfilled. In this blog, we tell you about our services and the lengths we go to for our clients.

Transport services and customs

One of the most essential terms in importing and exporting goods is ‘customs clearance.’ Customs clearance is a procedure you need to follow before you can import or export your goods in or outside the European Union. Simply said, it means that the importer of a good needs to pay customs duties, taxes, and levies before it can be imported. To make sure this process runs smoothly, there are rules and regulations in place within the European Union to lead the customs in the right direction.

BBL Extron takes care of these procedures. You don’t have to think or worry about it. With our experience and expertise in importing goods, we know how to take care of this procedure. We do this for all kinds of transport.

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Transport services on the road, in the air and on the water

We monitor every single product each step of the way. Whether it’s through labeling, scanning, or camera supervision. After all, we don’t want products to go missing in our 16.000m² warehouse. Something with a needle and a haystack. We also ensure a safe environment by limiting the access to our warehouse to just our 50 warehouse staff members. Are we all closed doors then? No, of course our drivers are more than welcome to check upon their load, but always prescheduled and under supervision of our trained staff.

Transport services as the exception

As we said, we go the extra mile in transport services. We make unique transport happen. Our goal is to get your goods safe and sound to the other side of the earth. How? We find a way. Though we have seen a lot of goods and services, some assignments are unique, even for us. But that does not stop us from helping you. For every problem, there is a solution, and we are here to find it.

Not only do we make the impossible happen, but we also make sure it’s done the right way. With our control tower, we keep an overview of all the processes in the warehouse and make transport bookings. Our customer service monitors possible deviations and communicates this with our clients. No step is unchecked or unapproved. Is something running differently than expected? Making an adjustment is no trouble.

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