Value Added Services: How BBL Extron moves you forward

You had an idea for an amazing product and made it reality. After hours of brainstorming, designing and manufacturing, your product is ready for transport. You only need put it together, add value and then package it. No problem, right? Well with a shortage of (technical) personnel, these seemingly small actions can become big challenges. Luckily for you BBL is here to help you with your value added services. In this blog we show you what these value added services can do for you. 

Simple or complex value added services: BBL-Extron does it all

When thinking about value added services your mind quickly goes to complex things like software updates, repair management or electro-mechanical assembly. And even though BBL Extron does offer you these services, it’s not all we do. For some of the products the value is added through more simple things. Small tasks and edits that makes your product more complete, fancier or easier to sell. 

These value added services can be compared to tightening the screw on a product. It finishes the process. When your product is finished and needs shipment, we can help you. It starts with packaging. How do you want your products to be sent? Whether it is a fancy box or a protective kind of packaging, we make it happen. After labeling the products and sending them overseas, through the air or via the road, our job continues. Do your products need a software update or need to be fixed? We’re there to take on these responsibilities. In no time your product is up and running again, ready for use.

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How we offer value added services

You may wonder how we are able to do this. The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time: People. Unlike a lot of other companies we don’t have a shortage in employees. Additionally, we find them, train them and get them comitted. This is not only a win for us as BBL Extron, but also for you. Training our personnel we often do with the help of our clients, and sometimes our personnel trains or educates your company. 

Having enough and loyal employees gives us a great deal of possibilities. It allows flexibility. If you need an urgent shipment: we can work it out. If your orders are way higher than expected: we make sure we can process it all. This also means we have the time to educate our employees with regards to our (more technical) value added services. Knowing your employees will stay for a longer period of time gives room to learn them about the techniques and software of your products. This way, we guarantee quality and speed.

Working together with a partner with sufficient and well trained employees means that you don’t have to search endlessly for time, space and employees anymore. You get a skilled quality control management staff who ensures the highest quality product to your customer. And if you’re not sure how to tackle a challenge, you have a partner who can support you. This doesn’t only help you now, but also helps you moving forward towards the future. 

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