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After you’ve put all your time and effort into designing the best product that you can come up with, then comes the distribution. How will you handle the labeling? Where will your products be stored? What is the best way of transport to the customer? All these questions can be answered by a single all-in logistics provider, the best choice to complete your supply chain.

There are many steps to be taken in the supply chain process: from finishing the product to delivering it to the doorstep of your customer. In fact, it doesn’t just stop there. What if you want to offer tech support after purchase, for example? The possibilities with an all-in logistics provider are endless.  


Storing your products isn’t just a practical thing. As a seller, you are looking for a sense of comfort, knowing that your products are safe, wherever they are in the supply chain. We understand that like no other. That’s why we monitor your products 24/7 and ensure that there’s limited access to our warehouses. That way, only our staff members – who are trained to handle your stuff with care – are allowed in. Want to know where exactly your products are in the supply chain? Thanks to intelligent IT solutions, we provide you with the latest, detailed information of your products’ whereabouts – accurate to the inch.

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Value Added Services

Every business will try to limit defects to a minimum. BBL Extron takes it a step further. Already before the very first step in the supply chain, the shipment, we make sure your products are working correctly. The last thing you want is to give your customer an unpleasant surprise. Speaking of which, we can also make sure your customer understands your product before receiving it. Our high-quality demos support your sales by providing your customer with an informed decision before the purchase. 

And it doesn’t stop there. If anything happens to your product after sale, we take care of the reverse logistics, an important added value in the supply chain of your product. Our team of skilled specialists will be ready to perform the most advanced repairs, all the way up to the highest level of 3. As if that’s not enough, we offer more complex services such as software updates, configuration, electro-mechanical assembly, refurbishment, return & repair management, and emergency deliveries – all complementary to your products’ supply chain. 

Transport management

The best route is not always a straight line. Providing time-sensitive deliveries is always a tailored job. With years of experience, we have come to deliver products over the air, sea and road. All done with offering the sender a complete overview of the entire transporting process, a key part in the supply chain. We oversee every problem area for adjustments to be made accordingly. When operating globally, a well prepared handling of customs clearance is crucial. We are fully prepared and equipped to deal with the most challenging circumstances that occur in the supply chain, as we have proven during the pandemic of the past years.

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