In line with our business philosophy, BBL Extron proactively implements a number of activities to contribute to an affluent and sustainable society. We continue our efforts to ensure high levels of safety, quality and technology while operating in compliance with laws and regulation. BBL Extron sets out to contribute to society and meet the expectations of our stakeholders by providing environmentally friendly services.

Safety and quality

Safety and quality are embedded in our organization. Our goal: zero injuries and industrial accidents.


Together with our stakeholders, we work diligently towards conserving local environments and contributing to society.


BBL Extron aims to build a solid compliance system to ensure that we are the company you trust with your products.

Risk Management

We pay attention to, identify, assess and control a wide variety of potential risks in the face of uncertainty.

Safety and

BBL Extron gives top priority to safety and quality. We actively urge employees to be mindful of safety and quality regularly. We consider conducting activities in safety one of our top priorities. We promote quality improvement activities with the aim of preventing any injuries and industrial accidents.

safety and quality

“We are looking to work together in pursuit of improving our standards of health and safety. I see health and safety as an integral part of our everyday work, and find it critical to embed both into everyone’s daily routine. My role is predominantly to lead with this, and clearly demonstrate effective Health and Safety ‘Visible Leadership’. We have the skills, we have the commitment and we need all managers, supervisors and employees, to demonstrate their participation, in order to establish a permanent safety culture within our operations.”

peter muizelaar

Peter Muizelaar
Quality Manager at BBL Extron



We work diligently towards conserving local environments and contributing to society under the slogans: “Logistics that are friendly to people and the environment” and “Promotion of environmental management”. We interact with our stakeholders and share responsibility.
As a logistic provider, we work on sustainable transport with the following measures:

Opening discussions with distribution partners urging to shift to eco-friendly vehicles.

Actively promoting savings in natural resources and conserving energy by streamlining operations.

Promoting emission reductions, recycling and pollution prevention.

Respecting environmental laws and regulations, as well as respecting agreements with local residents and institutions.

Opening and maintaining communications with residents and cooperating in environmental -protection activities.

To achieve these environmental policies, we set objectives and targets, and promote environmental management.


We strive to develop and strengthen our compliance system, working to ensure that compliance is upheld and to foster a “high corporate culture of ethics”; one that is committed to reliable and appropriate corporate activities, with the aim of being a company that is trusted by its clients.

risk management

Risk Management

BBL Extron identifies, assesses and controls a wide variety of potential risks in the face of uncertainty. Not only that, but we also aim to continue to make progress in forming a comprehensive risk management system. This is an important topic within the organization. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we need to pay even more attention to risks.

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