Logistic services with every solution you need

BBL Extron reshapes the supply chain. Our combination of warehousing, transport management and value added services reflect your operation and ensure proper handling and distribution of your product.

Warehouse Management

BBL Extron offers completely integrated global
warehousing and distribution solutions. From
real-time stock management to a wide range
of VAS services, all tailored to your needs.

Value added services

Our value added services relieve your company of many daily operations. From labelling to assembly, we ensure high quality and strive to add even more value to your supply chain.

Transport Management

We are your expert on time-critical logistics.
BBL Extrons transport management helps you deliver
the best transport service support to your
customers at any time, anywhere in the world.

Warehouse management
for safe storage

We work with a global network of export centres and can customize our services to your needs. This way, we can support your import and export processes, which makes us a one-stop-shop.

  • Flexibility to expand and contract inventory levels
  • Innovative technology and supply chain visibility
  • Reliable customer service offerings

BBL Extron provides consistent logistic services with the combination of warehouse and transport management. We use our integrated IT system to manage the cargo, from receiving of goods to delivery, anywhere in the world.

warehouse management safe storage
value added services for specific challenges

Value added services
for specific challenges

We offer services ranging from labelling and repacking to more complex services such as software updates, configuration, electro-mechanical assembly, refurbishment, return & repair management and emergency deliveries. These are always overseen by a skilled quality control management staff who ensures that you are delivering the highest quality product to your customer.

Transport management
for optimal delivery

BBL Extron provides global transport management services by land, sea, and air, with multimodal transport. Our priorities are safety, accuracy and speed. We ensure your valuable goods will always stay safe until they reach their final destination. BBL Extron provides consistent logistics services with the combination of warehouse and transport management, by using our integrated IT system to manage the cargo, from reception to delivery to your customer.

transport management for optimal delivery

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